Influence your Guests with Tranceterra’s Terracotta Cookware

Terracotta lifestyle means changing to terracotta in cooking, serving, lighting, and décor. It’s a major shift, but when others see your terracotta cookware, terracotta vessels, and clay utensils and see for themselves the benefits you and your family are getting, chances are they too would like to buy clay utensils online and do likewise.

Having guests means having a conversation. So, when your guests see you storing in clay vessels or cooking in clay pots, the topic will come up. Here is an opportunity to convert another unbeliever into a fan of earthen pot cooking. Mind you, most people know about climate change and its dangers.

There is great awareness about climate change and how the planet is under threat from plastic and artificial lifestyles. At the macro level, governments worldwide are switching to solar, wind, and other fuels which are ‘safe’ and do not add to greenhouse gases. But the situation today is so desperate that unless this is supported at the micro level by the last guy in the last row, the destruction of the planet can happen sooner than you think.

So when you decide to use terracotta vessels, clay utensils, and terracotta cookware, you become another person who is trying to save the planet by changing your lifestyle. So, as I said earlier, if others see your transformation and follow suit, the reversal of the global environment reversal gets a fillip for sure.

In a discussion among students, a debate on terracotta utensils and their relevance caught momentum and one student had this to say, “Climate change happened because we made wrong choices, hazardous choices that supposedly helped us in the short run but created a hell waiting to devour our planet itself with greenhouse gases, global warming, melting glaciers, and toxic air.

As it is we who did this to our planet, it is we who need to bring about the reversal. Terracotta is natural, environment-friendly, non-polluting material all its products are safe to use and good to look at with some nostalgic appeal thrown in too. It’s a change you will enjoy living and when others around you follow, you will all actually be playing your part in saving the world.

The Terracotta army is an object of global ‘WoW’ because of its artistry and longevity to this day. But the hidden lesson is that terracotta is vastly durable and can last a lifetime. So, terracotta or earthen pot cookware, in simple terms, has amazing shelf life even when in use.

 An enterprising lady experienced a revelation of sorts that guided her towards using clay pots for cooking. Mz KC Adams — a nêhiyaw, Anishinaabe and British multimedia artist — has found hundreds of pottery shards (or, more accurately, sherds, the name for ceramic fragments) in the years since discovering her first piece during a water gathering near the Bannock Point performs. Her writings on the subject make for interesting reading. She says she cooks in a pot which is made from Manitoba clay and granite rocks retired from sweat ceremonies. The crushed granite tempers the clay, ensuring it can withstand the heat of cooking. It also adds an extra layer of meaning. “I love that the energy that was part of that ceremony is now in my vessel,” Adams says. “It’s comforting and beautiful.” She goes on to add, “As the contents cook, the fat seeps through the porous material, creating a dark ring where the clay is thinner than its surroundings. The pot and the stew have a symbiotic relationship — each meal adds a little more seasoning to the pot’s interior while the unglazed walls help flavour future dishes.”

To many people, using clay pots for cooking would be at best a novelty exercise. But in today’s time using clay pots for cooking regularly could bring huge positive change in the lives of the family. Because clay is high in vitamins and minerals, our forefathers insisted on utilizing clay or earthen jars for water storage. Clay pots can be used as utensils, bottles, and for cooking as well. Environment-friendly clay pot cooking may be the best lifestyle switch any modern-day household could use.

First the obvious basics. A clay pot, like clay itself, is porous. When water is stored in a clay pot, it evaporates via the pores, causing cooling. In the summer, it is the most effective technique for naturally chilling water. When using clay pots for cooking, you are actually maximizing the health parameters of the food while enjoying a rich, fresh taste as an added plus. This is because clay pot cooking retains the food value in the ingredients while making it tasty to consume. Clay pot cooking is a smart option also because clay pots reduce acidity and alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort. This is due to their alkaline nature, which interacts with the stomach’s acidic contents to provide the ideal pH equilibrium.

Switch to terracotta cooking and let it rub off your guest and families as well.