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Excellence in illumination – Imagine your interiors without lights, impossible right? That’s precisely why at Trance Terra we have created terracotta lighting products with a heady mix of traditional as well as modern designs to perfectly compliment all your moods. These terracotta products are made from clay and are eco-friendly. So the next time you think “lights”…you know who to call.

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Mrudgandha - Water Bottle & Glass

Add a whole new meaning to 'Bottle' and 'glass' with enviro-friendly duo that naturally keeps the water cool.
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Lotus Agarbatti Holder

The lotus flower has deep religious connotations and this agarbatti holder is ideal for the pious and religious minded.
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Gokul Handi

Set the best dahi in texture and flavour with this wonderful terracotta gokul handi. Our design features a striking form and a user-friendly lid.
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Artisian Corner

At Trance Terra we work with the local Warli tribe who are traditionally skilled in crafting aesthetically beautiful terracotta products made from clay. Our passionate team of artisans are creating magic with mother earth. The clay products are eco-friendly and earthentic. The terracotta product is handcrafted and given the required attention making each piece unique and rare. Their excitement and exuberance is our driving force.

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