The Beauty and Importance of Terracotta Pottery

The importance of natural products has been underlined very often by events in our lives in our times. In the good old days, food was cooked in earthen vessels in earthen choolahs fired by coal and cow dung was a primary energy source. The process was slow and cumbersome but people were used to it and didn’t think twice about it. But then we progressed…

Today, we are attracted to devices and lifestyles that make life easier. This means, we save energy and become lazy physically and mentally. So, our faculties get dull, and we move to a lifestyle sans exercise and taxation of our minds. We move to a lifestyle where we kill our own energies and abilities.

The rot has set in where we are destroying even natural resources and creating an artificial world of gizmos, plastic and useless materials that have hastened climate change to such an extent that we are now forced to reverse the whole thing to save this planet. Now, we have begun to realize how important it is to use terracotta products such as terracotta pottery. What is terracotta made of? Mother earth itself is the primary source.

People are now realizing that clay cups are a better drinking option than glass or steel. Better late than never, I guess. What we need to do is to adopt terracotta pottery usage by moving out of our comfort zone and daring to be different. Rest assured once we start using clay cups that too will become a habit with time when the initial discomfort fades out. So, let us talk about using terracotta cups, bottles, artifacts decorative pieces. Very soon we will gradually drift into a new comfort zone. We already know clay pots are the better cooking option as they preserve food value, enhance taste and support health but we still use steel or metal vessels and refuse to change our lifestyle.

Our ancestors used clay extensively, and the generations followed because they were well aware of the inherent qualities of clay cups and clay pots. The same goes for clay pottery. Clay tends to bind with certain metals and prevent them from being absorbed by the stomach and intestines. This helps in the treatment and prevention of accidental poisoning due to toxic metals such as mercury. Clay might also protect cells in the intestines by covering them.

The dear old clay pot, or ‘matka,’ is a common household item found in many Indian houses even today, especially during the summer months. This old-age practice is a traditional alternative to vessels made of steel, glass, and plastic containers. Given the enormous benefits, terracotta users still swear by it. That is because water stored in clay water bottles is also considered nutritious. That is why many households still rely on clay pots and clay water bottles to store water naturally. Then there is the earthy taste that people have a nostalgic love for.

As we gradually see and feel the difference in our own health and well-being from a clay pot, clay cup cooking, drinking and clay pot, and clay cup storage as well, we realize that we did the right thing and the pain and strain of change were necessary. Take clay cup drinking for instance. Clay cups are porous in nature which helps in spreading the heat or coolness uniformly throughout the liquid.  

Storing water in a terracotta bottle aids the natural cooling of water. A terracotta bottle has tiny pores on the surface and water evaporates quickly through these pores. The evaporation process ensures the heat of the water inside the pot is lost, which lowers the temperature of the water. It adds a wonder to the taste too. Water stored in a terracotta bottle is devoid of any kinds of chemicals, thus drinking clay pot water every day can boost metabolism. This can also improve digestion due to the minerals present in water.

Most of what we eat turns acidic in the body and gives produces harmful toxins. Clay, however, being alkaline in nature interacts with acidic foods and provides an adequate pH balance, thereby keeping the acidity and gastric-related problem in check.

Besides the cooking part, even storage of food and water in clay pots is a great health-friendly idea. Drinking water from a clay pot “helps in improving metabolism. “The body’s natural metabolic system is boosted with water stored in a clay pot,” an expert said. Forget refrigerating your water but rather store it in clay bottles or clay pots for “perfect temperature levels”.

Artificially cooled water in a fridge is a bad drinking habit in strict health terms. But here too the transition to clay cup drinking water will be a herculean task. Our conditioning has harmed the environment. Clay pot water is also good for your heart’s health and the water stored in terracotta bottles is gentle on the throat too. Investing in good terracotta cups and kitchenware will benefit you greatly in the long run.

It’s time to change to a healthier and more natural material that would also enhance the beauty of your home.