Essential Terracotta Kitchenware Products for Your Kitchen!

Ever imagined a kitchen filled with terracotta kitchenware? 

It would truly be a pleasing site to see terracotta cookware, terracotta utensils, terracotta cooking pots, and terracotta curd setter all in one kitchen. Your terracotta kitchenware collection would not only be appreciated for the visual impact but also for the nutrient value it brings to the table. You now qualify as the master chef for your family with taste, health, and environmental protection as your weapons to battle in the arena of exquisite and ethnic taste and emerge a winner every time.

Why terracotta cookware you ask? Well, to begin with, cooking is a lot more fun. The excitement of creating masterpieces of cuisine with terracotta utensils can be intoxicating indeed. Mechanical commonplace cooking with everyday metal and steel cookware is hardly a challenge. In fact, it can be a drag –sheer monotony. But with terracotta cooking pots, the whole ballgame changes. Slow and steady cooking, retaining essential juices, adding earthy flavor, and also not harming the environment are the added incentives for using terracotta utensils. Apart from the health benefits terracotta cookware brings, it also adds an authentic earthy touch making it an apt product for terracotta kitchenware.

Terracotta is traditionally considered a mystical clay form due to its combination of four of the five vital elements – air, earth, fire, and water. Cooking and preserving food in terracotta pots is a great idea, as is setting and keeping curd in a terracotta curd setter, to keep alive the healthy juices and enjoy the rich earthy taste of your terracotta kitchenware. To see the rest of the family licking their lips in appreciation as they fill up their plates with hot, fresh, and aromatic food from terracotta utensils gives you that sense of achievement and satisfaction that in itself is a reward.

But that is easier said than done. Firstly, because you need to shift from your comfort zone and learn about the correct usage and maintenance of your new acquisitions of terracotta cookware, terracotta utensils, terracotta cooking pots, terracotta curd setter, and all. To maintain cooking vessels, soak overnight, wipe with a cloth and apply castor oil on the inside. Then slightly heat it and switch off the flame. Apply and heat another 2 or 3 times. When slightly heated, castor oil gets absorbed. Cook only rice two or three times. Because like castor oil, rice starch makes the walls strong. Thereafter the vessel can be used to cook vegetables, meat, or other items. It’s all worth the effort.

Coming to terracotta curd setter, whenever you talk about a balanced diet, it would automatically include curd. Curd is full of good bacteria (probiotics) and protein, enhancing the holistic welfare of your body. Curd has been an essential part of a typical Indian meal be it in the form of dessert (mishti dahi) or beverage (lassi). We understand how important it is to consume curd daily and hence, need to make it instantly available at home at all times.  So, we look at terracotta curd settlers as the best alternative to prepare, store and serve. It is an easy one-stop solution to all curd setting-related problems and currently, Terracotta curd setters are taking over the market and housewives particularly prefer Terracotta curd setters to other varieties.

Terracotta has multiple uses. Utensils, decorative pieces, tiles, lampshades, idols, terracotta cookware, terracotta serve ware and several similar products. The advantage is that Terracotta is wholly natural and environmental-friendly. It is instrumental in cooking as the use of cookery vessels of terracotta ensures the preservation of nutrients and enrichment of the food in every way which makes food tasty and good for health too.

We all know that the use of plastic is harmful and toxic and it is one of the prime causes of environmental decline and climate change. Plastic ware has flooded the globe today, and it is a threat to the planet. The conversion of a plastic lifestyle to a terracotta lifestyle would be a huge step in arresting the decline.

Terracotta utensils are resistant to heat which is the first advantage. Terracotta clay vessels are heat-resistant as they are glazed and fired during the crafting process. They are not just ideal for storing food items, but can also be used for cooking meals. On the health front, clay is a non-toxic material and the acidic content of the food we ingest is greatly counterbalanced with the use of terracotta clay cookware. So, the food becomes tastier and easier to digest.   

Terracotta products like terracotta water jugs or terracotta vessels are organic, unlike plastic that most people use in microwave cooking and heating not realizing that plastic releases harmful toxins when heated which are invisible but hugely harmful. How many know that popular Bengali dishes like sweetened curd and mishti doi are generally made in terracotta clay vessels?

There is no doubt that if you prepare food in terracotta cookware, you’ll find that the same recipe will taste better than being prepared/stored in stainless steel, iron, or aluminum cookware/serve ware. The food value of what you eat is ingested and retained in the best condition when you cook in earthen vessels like in the old grandmother’s days.


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