How to make Quiet Corners turn Alive with Pendant lights

Terracotta Pendant lights are not merely about lighting. That is why selecting the right terracotta pendant light for your room, your favourite nook, or your hall, you need to take a keen hard look at the ambience of the room and close your eyes and imagine the warm and calm ‘feel’ when terracotta pendant lights transform the ambience and add a dash of mystique, romance and ethnic colour to an otherwise ordinary location.

Terracotta lights are not just hanging lamps though. Trance Terra spoils you with choices in sizes, shapes and types of terracotta lights on offer. That is because terracotta hanging lamps and terracotta lights are our specialty and among the most sought-after products by our growing list of satisfied customers

An eerie-ethnic feel emerges from the terracotta pendant lamp that sits well with people who are fed up with the glare that blinds everyone day and night in the cacophony of civilization as we experience in the modern day, and yearn to unwind in a cool and calm relaxed atmosphere after a hard day’s work or even after some heavy partying or celebrating.

Halls, bedrooms, living rooms, porches and corridors are ideal places for terracotta lights – easily visible and noticed and perhaps, envied by those less fortunate. The living room is your visitors’ “First impression” room when he or she enters your abode – be it a home or office, farmhouse or any other. Care needs to be taken that the terracotta lights installed there to deliver the ‘wow’ factor to perfection.

Without distractions of furniture and fixtures, the pendant light will rule the corridor and if you want to show off your lights and stamp your seal on the décor, the corridor is the perfect place to do it. Pendant lights are available at Trance Terra in several mesmerizing shapes and sizes. A click is all you need to check out and select just the thing you always needed but never really realized that you did.

When you and your guests move out to the lawn, the terracotta pendant lights will be ideal to transmit the earthy-ethnic feel of the carefree outdoors. When the sun sets and it gets romantic and bewitching, Terracotta pendant lights give out a serene but eerie glare when the sky is dark at night. Notice how humble terracotta pendant lights assume different identities at different times and each one bestows a special type of beauty and appeal.

The fact that everyday life has degenerated into a largely synthetic one, terracotta lights give a feeling of nostalgia. Just like in the old village life, romanticism many have probably felt in watching black and white pictures, films or re-relishing the folklore we heard about in our early years from our grandparents. It’s a life that this urban-bred generation never actually lived, a livelihood when terracotta lights, terracotta hanging lamps, terracotta cookware and serve ware were the norm and not the exception.

While there is much more to say about terracotta pendant lights, terracotta hanging lamps and all that, one very vital free gift you get when you buy terracotta items is the gift of cleaner air, a safer environment and a small measure of a cleaner planet too.

Environment friendliness is an attribute that was secondary or even irrelevant to common people when they undertook any activity once upon a time. It was an afterthought “Oh! That too” was at best, the importance accorded to the issue. But today we know global warming has put the planet on notice, and governments worldwide are spooked and involved in a mad race to curb global warming and arrest environmental degeneration. Naturally, no such effort has a ghost of a chance of succeeding unless the common people learn about and imbibe habits that would result in the arrest of greenhouse gases and global warming. By switching to terracotta, you have made a giant contribution to reversing a near-dead-end situation for mother earth.

Terracotta Pendant Lights : The Trick to Make Quiet Corners Turn Alive

Because, to put it simply, creating, allowing or facilitating pollution curbs is good karma. You can do it too with generous use of non-biodegradable products like terracotta lamps, cookware, serve ware and more. Because tweaking lifestyles to curb climate change is mandatory from the bottom rung upwards, if we are to save the planet which is rapidly sinking. Putting it into even simpler terms, you and I need to save the planet because no one else can.

For those religiously inclined, if you feel the need to appease the Gods who are angry because of the ravaging of nature that we all have indulged in for eons, Trance Terra’s divinity range gives you just the opportunity to do so. Trance Terra has an array of breathtakingly beautiful lighting, cookware, serve ware and divinity range on offer with a rich ethnic flavour added to the ancient, traditional pottery skills of the forgotten races and artisans.  Trance Terra, it has a host of products that don’t just fit in but amplify the ambience of your surroundings and transform your lifestyle for the better, in every way.

Change your existing lifestyle with terracotta lights, terracotta hanging lamps, terracotta water bottles, cups, glasses, idols, and the works with Trance Terra.

Pendant lights in India – THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN OF AMBIENCE

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