Quench your Thirst with Summer cool Terracotta and Glass Water Jars

It all started with us wanting to do good to mother earth and yourselves!

Climate change is a man-made disaster which is a proven fact. Greenhouse gases have brought the planet to the brink. We get so accustomed to certain habits and knee-jerk continuity that they become unconscious and subconscious actions after a while. The logic that they are toxic and unhealthy fades into oblivion as we remain ignorantly blissful in artificial comfort zones. We know that storing food in plastic is not good and clay pots, terracotta cups, or clay water bottles are a better option but we still persist and the herd mentality has made toxic and non-biodegradable stuff a part of our daily lives.

However, it would be fair to say that there is change and lots of people are taking small steps to move towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Overwhelmed by the response we have been receiving for our terracotta clay water bottle and terracotta cups on tranceterra. We decided to help you take a closer look at their utility and the advantages of storing and drinking from clay water bottles and using terracotta cups.

Drinking water from clay water bottles helps prevent acidity and other gastric problems because clay has alkaline properties and retains higher PH levels (more than 7). It is to be understood that our body, especially our stomach, is acidic in nature while clay has alkaline properties.  In many cultures, clay filters are a traditional technique to purify drinking water at the household level. The technology is simple and only requires raw materials that are readily available such as clay, sand, salts and inflammable materials like sawdust or rice husk.

Our ancestors used clay extensively because they were well aware of its inherent qualities. Clay tends to bind with certain metals and prevent them from being absorbed by the stomach and intestines. This might help in the treatment or prevention of accidental poisoning due to toxic metals such as mercury. Clay might also protect cells in the intestines by covering them.

The dear old clay pot, or ‘matka,’ is a common household item found in many Indian houses even today, especially during the summer. This old-age practice is a traditional alternative to steel, glass, and plastic containers. Given the enormous benefits, many still swear by it. That is because water stored in clay water bottles is also considered nutritious.

These clay water bottles are ergonomically and beautifully designed for everyday hydration. The natural clay water bottles are handcrafted, eco-friendly and completely safe to use on a daily basis.

These clay water bottles are nature-inspired, sustainable and food safe making them the right choice for your lifestyle. The terracotta water bottles help keep the drinking water cool in a natural form. The terracotta bottles are none glazed and hence ideal for consuming water as they are made with earthen clay. Then there is also the earthy taste that people have grown to love. 

In Indian homes, chai is an integral part of their daily lives. Be it kickstarting your day with a sip of tea or enjoying monsoon with chai and bhajiyas or just relieving stress, chai plays an essential role. Well, don’t we all love a blissful khullad chai? So, with our terracotta cups, you can enhance your tea or coffee experience with a traditional khullad touch to enjoy good quality tea with your loved ones every day. Once you are used to our terracotta cups, trust us you won’t go looking for any other material. Not only do they come with a lot of nutritious and healthier ways but they also add a flavour that you’ll start to miss.

People also believe terracotta classifies a simple, ethnic, and eco-friendly lifestyle, something the world really needs in these turbulent times. With climate change and plastic lifestyles having disastrous consequences, terracotta bottles, cups, glasses, curd setters, and cookery items are becoming more a necessity than a luxury as some may mistakenly believe.

For health reasons, terracotta cups, terracotta bottles, and cookware remain the first choice while the lighting range is a hit with ethnic and environmental enthusiasts.

Add the convenience factor and tranceterra is an easy choice to make.