How to Clean Clay Water Bottle

There was a time when a majority of homes in India would store their drinking water in terracotta clay water vessels. While tradition played a role in this practice, another very important aspect certainly was the health benefits of drinking water stored in clay water bottles. “In case you have not had water saved in a clay pot, also referred to as matki or even matka in Hindi, then you’re passing up lots of health benefits,” Ayurvedic expert Dr Nitika Kohli wrote on Instagram. Clay water bottle benefits the same way, for people at home as well as those on the move.

Most of us in today’s world feel that the cleaning process of terracotta clay bottles is a lot of work but that is absolutely not true. Hopefully this blog clears all your doubts about how to clean clay water bottle.

All terracotta water bottles are non-toxic, unglazed, and absolutely safe to use. Water stored in a clay water bottle is devoid of any kinds of chemicals, thus drinking water stored in terracotta clay water bottles everyday can boost metabolism. This can also improve digestion due to the minerals present in water. Drinking refrigerated water, cooking on microwave or storing food in plastic are all convenient habits that however, contribute to climate change and release toxic greenhouse gases. Today, the entire planet is under threat from climate change and governments the world over is taking pro-active steps to cut pollution and switching to safer energy options like solar, wind and electrical. A terracotta clay water bottle is your best bet today.

Imagine that most people think that cleaning a clay bottle isn’t possible but that isn’t how it works. Every product needs maintenance, grooming and cleaning, so how to clean clay water bottle is one of the things you must know/learn before purchasing your very own healthy clay bottle.

Remember to place a stand or a plate to gather the seeping water from the terracotta water bottle or the pot to prevent water spillage on the floor or platform. Clean the water bottle with baking soda or even lukewarm water works wonders. If there is any packaging smell present in the water bottle or pot, implement a coffee powder treatment, where you have to fill a small bowl with cardamom or coffee powder inside the water bottle or pot to eliminate the smell.

Terracotta clay water bottle benefits even when it is cleaned thoroughly every 4 to 5 days or even once a week to avoid any kind of deposit to remain inside the clay water bottle and to keep its pores open for cooling properly. Keep a plate or a stand underneath to accumulate the seeping water from the terracotta clay water bottle and to avoid spilling of water on the platform or floor. A Terracotta clay water bottle benefits is easy to clean, you need to just use hot water and a gentle non-abrasive cleaning pad. Do not use metallic scouring pads and do not clean with soap or detergents.

Another effective way on how to clean clay water bottle is to fill it with equal parts white vinegar and warm water and leave it to soak overnight. The next day, you will need to rinse the bottle out and give it a soapy scrub with your brush to ensure there's no lingering vinegar taste. 

Besides immense health benefits, terracotta clay water bottle benefits are also attractive and add an ethnic appeal to your surroundings. Clay has alkaline characteristics. Thus, it offers the correct pH balance in contact with acidic water. pH-balanced water assists in curbing acidity and provides relief from gastronomic complications. Also, clay is full of electromagnetic energy and minerals. So, storing water in a clay water bottle charges it with healing powers. 

Why store your drinking water in terracotta water bottles, instead of the usual glass or plastic ones? This is a question that comes to mind. The primary reason for that, is that clay water bottles retain the minerals and vitamins in the water and add a cool earthy taste as an added bonus. Another reason for this, is that the alkaline nature of clay offsets the acidic nature of human bodies, thereby creating the perfect Ph balance, which in turn helps reduce acidity and gastric pain that some people often suffer from. Water stored in clay bottles is also beneficial for those who are having weight issues or those who are fighting against obesity.  

Highly recommend using terracotta clay water bottles as they have a lot of health benefits and it is always worth taking care of products that matter most. So grab your clay water bottle today!!