Today, when the world is looking to environment-friendly lifestyles at all levels to arrest climate change, how can you do your bit? Governments globally are emphasizing alternative energy like solar power, wind power, and even nuclear power to cut carbon emissions. India too is at the forefront of the battle to reclaim our planet from the clutches of environmental degradation and decline.

The time is just right to bring the movement right down to yourself. By opting for a more natural and environment-friendly lifestyle, you can do your bit for the environment and at the same time add a new ‘Wow’ factor as well. Terracotta is a proven asset right back from ancient times in this respect and now we can ‘rewind’ to the future with terracotta articles.

Terracotta pottery is an ideal alternative to conventional cooking and serving vessels as the material can withstand a lot of stress and also resists breaking and chipping very effectively. It is not affected by the erosive action of the elements, is resistant to fire and water, and can last for years without any degradation. Besides, terracotta is also resistant to mold and bacterial growth.

For a homemaker, Terracotta brings an earthy feel inside the house that makes the entire environment more soothing as well as appealing in aesthetic terms. At the place of work, like an office, terracotta adds a certain unique touch to the interiors added on to the obvious utility values with lamps and serving vessels made of attractive baked earth.

For the outhouse or garden, there are immense possibilities such as fountains, bird baths, suspended (hanging) lights, seating, tables, and all of which can make it a whole new romantic leisure experience for your guests and friends.

Whichever way you look at it, changing the way you live with terracotta as a priority in your choice of lifestyle makes perfect sense.